Sibme Coach and Content Writer

Judy Beavers, M. ED.

After leaving full time teaching, Judy has worked as a virtual and classroom coach, teacher-trainer, professional development presenter, professional learning community educator, and curriculum development specialist. She worked as both a classroom and virtual coach with teachers of DLL students in STEM/ELA NSF research projects, out of Tufts and Rutgers Universities. Within the Tufts project, she worked as a classroom coach, reviewed and assessed teachers’ videos, helped co-develop curriculum, co-created and taught professional development workshops, and designed and led professional learning community workshops for teachers. While with Rutgers, she served as a virtual coach, introducing teachers to the benefits of using a virtual coaching model. In addition, while working in a special project funded by PNC’s Grow Up Great, Judy was the program coordinator and classroom coach, developing STEM/ELA curriculum, and teaching professional development workshops. As part of that project, she designed and led a teacher-trainer program recognized as best in the nation for sustainability.

Sibme's Director of Professional Learning and Content Writer

Cory Camp, M. ED.

Cory is an educator passionate about transforming education at all levels. As a teacher, Cory worked in inclusive and special education settings; finding purpose in advocating for struggling learners and supporting fellow teachers to meet the needs of ALL learners. It was over 11 years ago, while in the classroom, that Cory discovered the power of video for self-reflection and describes that first video as the pivotal moment in her career. Since leaving the classroom to work at district and regional levels, she continued to use video to support teachers, PLCs, and instructional leaders at all levels to design and implement blended and video-enhanced professional learning. Cory's passion lies in helping educators create authentic and empowering learning experiences. She specializes in supporting the implementation of video in K-12 campuses, districts, and regional service centers.