Course curriculum

  • 1

    What is Collective Teacher Efficacy

    • Introduction: What is Collective Teacher Efficacy?

    • Deeper Dive: Collective Teacher Efficacy

  • 2

    Collective Teacher Efficacy: The Solution for Planning for Remote and Socially Distant Classrooms

    • Efforts to build Collective Teacher Efficacy in a Traditional School Often Fall Short

    • Why is Collective Teacher Efficacy important now?

    • Rebuilding is an Opportunity for Redesign

    • The Collective is the Solution

  • 3

    A Planning Guide for Teams that Builds Collective Teacher Efficacy in Remote Learning Environments

    • Introduction

    • How to use this planning guide

    • Additional considerations before beginning

    • Planning Guide: Direct Instruction

    • Planning Guide: Opportunities for Student Exploration and Practice

    • Planning Guide: Student and Family Engagement

    • Planning Guide: Instructional Materials

    • Planning Guide: Monitoring Student Progress

    • How Sibme's Goal-Setting Module Can Help

    • Final Thoughts and Additional Resources